Why does my motorcycle run only on choke?

Why does my motorcycle run only on choke?

It is a common problem of motorcycles to run only on choke and is more prevalent in dirt bikes and ATVs. If you are facing similar issues, you are in the right place. We are here discussing the issues that might be the reason behind your bike’s condition. Without wasting any more time, let’s delve deeper into this discussion.

Role of choke

Before finding out the reason for your motorcycle to run exclusively on choke, it is essential to know the basic function performed by the choke on your bike. Your engine needs an appropriate mixture of air and fuel for internal combustion. But when your vehicle’s engine is cold, it requires a little more fuel to warm itself up before starting. This extra fuel is provided to the engine by choke. Once your engine warms up, it can function well at the normal air-fuel mixture. The role of choke ends here and can, then, be turned off.

Why does your motorcycle run only on choke?

Your motorcycle or ATV is running on choke to fulfill its requirement of fuel and make an appropriate air-fuel mixture inside the engine. In other words, the ratio of air and fuel entering the engine is disturbed because of which your bike’s engine is not catching ignition. The quantity of fuel released into the engine has decreased. When you turn the choke on, the engine receives more fuel and the correct air-fuel proportion is achieved for successful combustion. This way, your motorcycle is running only on choke.

When you turn the choke off, the engine stops receiving the extra fuel. The imbalance in the operating fuel mixture stops combustion inside the engine. Now, your vehicle’s engine is receiving more than the required quantity of air and too little fuel for operation. It will stop functioning again till you turn the choke back again.

The reasons for this imbalance in the ratio of air and fuel entering the engine could be:

Dirty carburetor

If dirt or grime sticks to the jets inside your motorcycle’s carburetor, it will eventually get clogged. The dirty carburetor will obstruct the flow of fuel into the engine while allowing the air to pass through. With more air and lesser fuel entering the engine, your motorcycle runs lean. It requires an additional supply of fuel for optimal performance.

Air leakage

There could be a split in the vacuum line or the air intake boot that is causing the entry of extra air into the engine. The operating fuel mixture is imbalanced with this additional supply of air and the engine requires more fuel to balance it.

Hiring expert services

If your motorcycle or ATV is running only on choke, you must consider hiring expert services for repairing your bike. It will positively impact your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and prevent possible damage to many essential bike parts. At Rocky Shop Racing, we provide motorcycle repair and ATV repair services at affordable rates. In the past 10 years, we have worked with a wide variety of bike brands and models. We can also offer pickup and delivery of your vehicle throughout Las Vegas.

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