Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

We all invest our hard-earned money in our bikes only to see them running powerfully on the road. One major aspect of maintaining the performance of motorcycles is preventive maintenance.

It allows you to keep your bike free from any defects as all the issues are resolved before they appear on the surface. Vehicle preventive maintenance is very different from vehicle repair services. In the former case, your bike receives regular check-ups to prevent the occurrence of any problem.

However, in the case of vehicle repair services, the bike is examined and repaired only after a certain problem has surfaced. The latter program is called reactive maintenance instead of preventive maintenance.


Importance of vehicle preventive maintenance

When you get your bike repaired after a component failure, you will experience some down-time. This happens as the problem surfaces only when it becomes bigger and a bigger problem will take more time to get repaired.

On the other hand, the vehicle preventive maintenance program ensures a periodical inspection of your bike to check for any defects that are about to appear on the surface soon.

The problem can be handled before it becomes large enough to cause down-time. All the necessary repairs can be carried out to keep the bike rolling and prevent any accident.

Our vehicle preventive maintenance services

We provide vehicle preventive maintenance services for all brands and models of motorcycles. Our technicians will carry out the following preventive maintenance activities on your vehicle:

  • The quality of engine oil is tested and the oil is replaced if required.
  • Valve clearance is examined by the experts and adjusted if required.
  • The air filter of your bike is examined and, then, cleaned, repaired, or replaced accordingly.
  • The defects in the bike’s clutch are detected and repaired.
  • The condition and gap of the spark plug are examined and adjusted if required.
  • The suspension system is examined and repaired if required.
  • The entire fuel system is examined for carrying out the necessary repairs.
  • Brakes of your motorcycle are examined, adjusted if required, and greased for optimal performance.
  • Your bike engine is tested and repaired if necessary.

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