Valve Adjustment

Valves are just like our lungs that bring in fresh air for your bike’s engine and take out the used air. These combustion chamber doors seal it during the power strokes and compression. 

The efficient functioning of the valve is extremely essential for maintaining the health of your motorcycle’s engine. When you experience loss of power while driving or your bike doesn’t start easily in the morning, you must consider receiving valve adjustment services for your vehicle.


Importance of valve adjustment

The correct adjustment of your bike’s valve is important for the optimal functioning of the engine. The heat produced by your motorcycle’s engine is paramount and can be dangerous for the internal components. 

An inefficient valve won’t clear away the immense heat produced inside the engine leading to a catastrophe. Your bike’s engine might blow up due to overheating.

When should you consider valve adjustment services?

A few instances hint towards wrong valve adjustment. You must consider securing professional valve adjustment services in the following cases:

  • When you experience difficulty in starting your bike in the morning or after 8-10 hours of rest.
  • When your bike loses power abruptly during your riding sessions.
  • When you notice overheating of your bike’s engine.
  • In case of increased smoke emission from the motorcycle.

Our valve adjustment services
We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide valve adjustment services across Las Vegas. We can repair all brands and models of bikes no matter how unique they are. Our valve adjustment services include a thorough examination of your vehicle’s valve to check for any defects.

You can expect us to perform the following valve adjustments:

  • Examining and repairing the valve clearance gap.
  • Removing the dirt and grime from the valve cover.
  • Testing of the lash with a gauge.
  • Adjusting the valve shims.

Booking our valve adjustment services
You can book our valve adjustment services anywhere in Las Vegas. After repair conducted by our expert technician, you will notice a considerable improvement in the performance of your bike’s engine.

We also provide pick up for your motorcycle to carry out the repairs at our workshop. Call us at (702) 222-9991 for booking our valve adjustment services today.



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