Transmission Repair

Your motorcycle’s transmission system plays an important role in transferring the power produced by the engine to the rear wheel. 

Since the amount of power generated by the bike’s engine is enormous, the transmission system delivers it in a controlled manner to the wheel. With time and regular use, the components of your bike’s transmission system deteriorate. 

This results in decreased efficiency of the transmission system and might be damaging for the rear wheel of your bike. So, it is extremely essential to secure professional transmission repair services for your motorcycle periodically.


Our transmission repair services

We provide transmission repair services in Las Vegas to make your bike high-performing again.

Our experts will examine the components of your motorcycle’s transmission system to detect any unfavorable issues. The repairs are, then, conducted accordingly.

Our transmission repair services include:

Repairing gear-set
The gear-set of your bike’s transmission system allows your vehicle to move from a stall to cruising speed. Some bikes feature as few as 2 gears while others might have a set of 4 or even 6. If there are any issues with this set, you will experience issues with the speed of your bike.

Our expert technician tests and repairs the gear-set of your motorcycle for efficient speed performance.

Examining the drive system
The drive system of your bike is responsible for transmitting power to the rear wheel. It can be done with the help of a chain, shaft, or a belt. Our professionals have experience in dealing with all these types of transmission systems and can repair them well. You can bring to us all motorcycle models whether they use a shaft, belt, or a chain.

Repairing the clutch
The clutch of your bike performs the function of engaging and disengaging power from the transmission system. It connects the transmission of your bike to the engine crankshaft through spring-loaded plates. Our technician will examine and repair your bike’s clutch for smoother shifting of gear.

Booking our transmission repair services
If you are facing issues with your bike’s speed or gear shifting, you must consider booking our transmission repair services. Get in touch with us at (702) 222-9991 for receiving a pick-up offer for your bike.



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