Tire Mount and Balance

Correct tire mounting and balancing is an important aspect of safe driving. When you are considering changing your motorcycle tires, you can hire professional tire mount and balancing services for efficient replacement of your bike’s tires.

It is extremely essential to balance your bike wheels properly to prevent uneven wear and tear of the tires.


When should you consider tire mount and balance services?

Maintaining the performance of your bike tires is crucial for your safety on the road. It is, generally, recommended to replace your tires after every 4 years not considering the miles traveled. 

This is because the condition of bike tires is impacted by the direct sunlight and they wear out in such conditions.

. So, even if your bike is just standing in the sunlight for long hours, you must consider the replacement of its tires in the time recommended above. Additionally, you shall hire professional tire mount and balance services when:

  • Your bike experiences a poor fuel economy.
  • You notice faster and uneven tread wear out.
  • Unnatural vibrations are felt in the floorboard, steering wheel, or the seat.
  • You experience constant wobbling during a ride.

It is recommended to get your bike tires balanced after every 2 years in case of normal usage and 1 year in case you take your bike on rough roads.

Our tire mount and balance services
We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide tire mount and balance services across Las Vegas. You will notice considerable smoothness in your bike after receiving bike repair services from our expert technicians.

We can repair all brands and models of motorcycles whether new or old. Our expert will also recommend you the right services for your motorcycle as we don’t believe in replacing the tires altogether when they can still be repaired. You can also hire our tire balancing services if you feel that they are wearing out unevenly.

This will add years to the life of your bike tires. Such tire balancing services can be hired when you buy a new tire or get a flat tire repaired. For scheduling an appointment with us, call us at (702) 222-9991 today.



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