Tire Installation

The tires of your motorcycle are not only for enhancing the look of your bike but perform an important function of creating a cushioned layer between your bike and the road. They are also essential for acceleration, turning, braking, and maintaining adequate suspension stroke. 

This cushion of air between your vehicle and the surface of the road ensures to soak up all the bumps in your way even before your bike’s shock-absorbers perform the additional absorbing function.


When should you consider tire installation services?

Your motorcycle tires work in a wide variety of conditions. They deliver their best in extreme heat and cold environments. They will also stand off-terrains and other harsh driving surfaces. Over time, your old bike tires will wear out. 

You might experience odd steering, heavy braking response, or wobbling while driving when the tires of your motorcycle wear out. On experiencing these issues, you must consider replacing your bike tires and hire professional tire installation services.

Since your road safety is dependent on the efficiency of your bike tires, you must regularly get them inspected from an expert technician. The tires of your motorcycle also deteriorate under direct sunlight. It is, therefore, important to get them replaced after 4 years not considering the miles traveled.

Our tire installation services
We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide tire installation services through Las Vegas. All our professionals are well-trained and have years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of brands and models of motorcycles. We understand that your bike tires add safety, comfort, and enjoyment to your riding experience.

We believe in providing a comprehensive service experience by picking up and delivering your vehicle after performing the tire installation services. You can trust us for installing tires to all kinds of bikes whether new or vintage ones.

Consult our expert technician for bringing your favorite vintage bike back to life.

Booking our tire installation services
We are passionate about our work and provide only high-quality tire installation services for the optimal performance of your bike. You can get in touch with us at (702) 222-9991 for all your bike repair needs.



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