Take Out Honing

The cylinder of your motorcycle performs an important function of proving lubrication to the bike’s engine. The cylinder of your motorcycle is honed when the bike’s engine is manufactured in the factory. 

It is performed with the help of an abrasive and results in the development of a precision surface inside the engine cylinders. This conditioning of the cylinder wall surface develops crosspatch imperfections on its walls. 

These imperfections, in turn, help the cylinder wall in retaining oil or lubrication. In this manner, the lubrication of the piston ring is ensured with the help of honing.


Importance of ‘take out honing’ services

The engine cylinder of your motorcycle deteriorates with time and constant use. When your bike’s engine operates, the pistons push the stroke cycle putting pressure on the front of the cylinder walls. 

This changes the shape of the cylinder over time, turning it into an oblong instead of a round cylinder. The take out honing services will reshape your engine’s cylinder back to normal for efficient performance.

Our take out honing services
We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide professional take out honing services for all kinds of motorcycle cylinders. An efficiently honed bike will add comfort, safety, and enjoyment to your riding experience. It will also make your vehicle’s components durable by preventing the occurrence of extreme friction.

Your bike will benefit from our professional take out honing services in the following ways:

  • You will notice a considerable improvement in your bike’s mileage.
  • Your bike will produce lesser friction.
  • Your ride will be much more smooth.
  • The engine of the motorcycle will produce much less noise than earlier.
  • The overall performance of your bike will improve with a reduction in its wear and tear.
  • The engine won’t produce smoke anymore.
  • The life of your bike’s engine will increase with the correct amount of lubrication it receives.

Booking our professional take out honing services
We provide take out honing services throughout Las Vegas. Our technicians are experts in dealing with all brands and models of bikes, whether new or old.

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