Suspension Set-up

The suspension of your bike performs the important function of absorbing the imperfections of the bumpy road. It also ensures to keep the contact of your bike’s tires with the surface of the road. Normally, all the motorcycles have springs that bounce on an uneven road. 

This bouncing is controlled by dampers to control the rate of spring’s vertical movement. Springs and dampers together are extremely helpful in providing a cushioning effect from the bumps and make your ride comfortable.


Need for suspension set-up

With time and use, the suspension system of your bike wears out and leads to an uncomfortable ride.

Also, almost all the motorcycles are manufactured with a suspension set-up for one rider or for carrying a weight of around 75 to 85 kgs.

If you are using your bike for carrying weight more than that level, you have never experienced the ultimate comfort of riding a bike.

Whether you have a second rider with you or you carry some luggage, you must consider receiving suspension set-up services for better adjustments. On the other hand, if you ride on some special terrains or have a specific riding style, you shall consider an expert technician for the most appropriate suspension set-up for you.

Our suspension set-up services

We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide suspension set-up services throughout Las Vegas. Our professionals are fully-trained and experienced in setting up the right suspension for all your biking needs. You can bring us any brand and model of motorcycle for a complete transformation. Our suspension set-up services include:

  • Adjustment of the spring preload with appropriate spring tension.
  • Adjusting the compression and rebound with spring squashing.
  • Setting the correct riding height.
  • Examining and adjusting preload and dampening for both the front and the rear wheels.

Booking our suspension set-up services

Our suspension set-up services will benefit your bike by correcting its cushioning effect. This cushioning prevents quicker deterioration of your motorcycle’s other components. Book suspension set-up services for your brand new or old bike by giving us a call at (702) 222-9991 today.

You will notice a considerable difference in your next ride after securing these services.



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