Steering and Suspension Work

Your motorcycle’s steering and suspension system is extremely essential for a comfortable ride. These systems work in apt coordination to keep your bike under control. The steering system gives the control of your vehicle in your hands and provides a dampening effect for the uneven roads. 

On the other hand, the suspension system handles the stability of your bike and maintains balance during brake application. It also adds comfort to your biking experience by providing cushioning from bumps on the road.


Need for steering and suspension work

It is extremely important to receive steering and suspension services for your motorcycle to maintain it in good condition. 

Steering and suspension work will benefit your bike in the following ways:

Bike’s control
Keeping your bike’s steering system in excellent condition will keep the control of your vehicle in your hands. Inefficient functioning of the steering system might lead to an uncontrollable motorcycle.

Both the steering and the suspension system together contribute to comfortable riding experience. The inefficient functioning of these systems will hurt the cushioning effect and add to your discomfort on a bumpy road.

Bike’s stability
Keeping your bike stable is the responsibility of its suspension system. A compromised suspension system will make your motorcycle unstable and might lead to an unfortunate crash.

Our steering and suspension work

Our technicians are experts in carrying out steering and suspension work on different brands and models of motorcycles. No matter how old your bike is, you can trust us for making it smoother than before. Our steering and suspension work include:

  • Examine and repair your bike’s front suspension that is fitted with conventional telescopic forks or upside-down forks.
  • Carrying out pre-load adjustment.
  • Examining and repairing the steering system.
  • Repairing mono-shock and twin-shock absorbers.
  • Examining your motorcycle’s fork dampening.
  • Checking the brake dive.
  • Examining the rear suspension including swingarm

Booking our steering and suspension work services

If you have been experiencing issues with your bike’s balance, stability, or comfort; you must schedule an inspection for its steering and suspension system. Our professional steering and suspension work services can be hired across Las Vegas.

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