Starting and Charging Repair

It is very frustrating when your bike doesn’t start or suddenly stops in the middle of the road. Not only does it affect your day’s schedule but also causes extreme inconvenience. These major motorcycle problems are associated with their starting and charging aspects. 

Carrying out regular maintenance and tune-up of your bike will prevent the occurrence of such issues. 

Also, you must consider receiving starting and charging repair services to keep your motorcycle’s crucial functioning smoother.


When Should You Consider Starting and Charging Repair Services?

There are many instances when your bike shows issues with its ignition or power-related aspect. 

Such problems are a sign of a weakened starting or charging system of your bike. 

Here are some of the problems that your bike might experience:

Ignition issues
If your bike isn’t getting started and you observe that the engine is not receiving ignition, there could be a serious issue in the battery. Since the battery is an important part of the bike’s charging system, you must take the help of a technician for charging repairs.

Weak lights and horn
When your motorcycle’s battery is weak, its headlight or horn will turn weak or non-functional. You must resort to starting and charging repair services to get deeper into the problem.

Our Starting and Charging Repair Services
We provide starting and charging repair services for all brands and models of motorcycles. Our expert technicians can quickly examine the starting and charging system of your bike to carry out the necessary repairs. These services include:

Testing your bike’s alternator
The main function of your motorcycle’s alternator is to generate power for the electrical accessories. It keeps your bike’s battery charged while in use. Our professional will test your bike’s alternator for its efficient functioning.

Examining the regulator
Your bike’s regulator is responsible for transferring limited power to the battery to prevent any damage. Our expert will test and repair your bike’s regulator.

Additionally, your motorcycle’s battery and the electrical wiring will also be examined and repaired for efficient functioning.

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