Professional cylinder boring/honing

If your bike is performing poorly and you cannot recognize the defect that is causing the issues, there are high chances that your bike’s cylinder needs some repair. 

Years of friction cause the wearing out of your vehicle’s engine cylinders. Cylinder boring restores the motorcycle’s engine by clearing out all the debris. 

On the other hand, honing is performed on the cylinders with the help of an abrasive and results in the development of precision surface inside the engine cylinders. It helps to smooth out the irregularities in the surface of the cylinder that are caused by boring. 

Since both the boring and honing processes are complicated for a layman, it is recommended to hire an expert technician for carrying out these services.


When should you consider professional cylinder boring/honing?

Your bike will give out some signs when its engine cylinder stops working efficiently. You might notice overheating of your motorcycle’s engine, excessive fuel consumption, poor ignition, or poor acceleration when the engine cylinders aren’t performing their function well. 

In these situations, you must consider getting your bike’s cylinder examined for any defects. An expert can better tell your bike’s cylinder condition and recommend a professional cylinder boring/honing.

Our professional cylinder boring/honing services

We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide professional cylinder boring/honing services for all motorcycles. Our technicians are experts in dealing with all brands and models of bikes, whether new or old. You will benefit from our professional cylinder boring/honing services in the following ways:

  • The fuel consumption of your bike will reduce considerably.
  • You will experience a smoother ride.
  • The engine of the motorcycle will produce less noise than earlier.
  • The engine won’t produce smoke anymore.
  • Your bike will produce lesser friction.
  • The overall performance of your bike will improve with a reduction in its wear and tear.

Booking our professional cylinder boring/honing services

You can schedule an appointment with Rocky Shop Racing by getting in touch with us at (702) 222-9991. We have all the equipment and a purpose-built workshop to carry out professional cylinder boring/honing services.

All our bike repairs and services are genuinely priced for making them affordable for all bike lovers.



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