Oil Change

The engine oil performs the most important job of keeping your bike’s engine happy and healthy. It lubricates the engine and cools it down to prevent overheating. You must always ensure to use the appropriate oil for your motorcycle to avoid any internal damage to your vehicle. 

Additionally, it is essential to check the level of oil and its condition. You will have to top up the engine oil and replace it if it becomes dirty over time.


When should you consider an oil change?

Generally, the technician will tell you that your bike requires an oil change during your vehicle’s periodical maintenance and tune-up service. 

It is recommended to change the engine oil after every 5k-6k miles if your bike uses semi-synthetic oil. 

On the other hand, if it uses fully-synthetic oil, consider an oil change after every 7k-10k miles.


What happens if you do not change your bike’s engine oil?

Many problems will start showing up if you consider ignoring an oil change for your motorcycle. Some of these issues are:

Loud noise
You will start hearing a loud noise from your bike’s engine as the engine oil is not working efficiently now.

Oil levels consistently below the mark
If your bike’s engine oil is consistently remaining below the minimum mark even after several oil top-ups and you cannot see any leakage in the engine, probably it is time to change the engine oil.

Oil looks visibly black
If you check your bike’s engine oil and find it black and thick with a gritty texture, it is time for an oil change session.

Our Oil Change Services
We provide oil change services in Las Vegas for all brands and models of motorcycles. Our professionals will drain out the old deteriorated oil from your bike and fill it up with the correct level of new engine oil. 

Any oil spillage is completely cleared to provide you with a clean motorcycle. For hiring our oil change services, call us at (702) 222-9991.

We also offer a pick-up service for your bike to make the whole experience comfortable and convenient for you.




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