Handlebar Installation

Swapping your bike’s handlebars either for comfort or for achieving specific looks for your vehicle? Consider our handlebar installation services that will transform your motorcycle completely. We can also add handlebar risers to your bike for extra comfort. 

No matter how complicated customization you expect us to perform, we can do it for you.


Our Handlebar Installation Services

We provide handlebar installation services across Las Vegas. You can expect us to perform all levels of handlebar customization.

Our expert technicians have dealt with different brands and models of motorcycles and can carry out handlebar installation services on any bike model. 

Our handlebar installation services include:

  • Installing a significantly wider or higher handlebar to your bike.
  • Customizing the components that are mounted on the bars.
  • Replacing the handlebar clamps.
  • Rearranging the switch locations.
  • Changing the hydraulic hoses.
  • Installing new cables.
  • Replacing the stock mirrors.
  • Polishing and chroming the stock pieces.

Benefits of receiving handlebar installation services

People tend to resort to handlebar installation services for a variety of reasons. You will benefit from our handlebar installation services in the following ways:

Added comfort
Every person has a different meaning for comfort and you will have to find yours as well. If you feel that your newly bought bike is posing discomfort due to its handlebars, you can consider adjusting the handlebar position as per your convenience.

Alternatively, you can get new handlebars installed if the difference between the current position and the position comfortable to you is huge.

Vibration Control
A change in the length and weight of the handlebars can adjust the vibration levels you experience through the bars while driving.

Improved Appearance
If you are planning to achieve the desired look for your bike by changing the handlebars of your vehicle, we can do it for you. Our team of professionals can source the handlebars you would like to get installed from the manufacturer. This will greatly improve the appearance of your motorcycle.

Book our handlebar installation services
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