Fuel System Repair

The fuel system of your motorcycle is responsible for maintaining the appropriate air-fuel mixture inside your bike’s engine. The fuel is supplied by the fuel pump to the combustion chamber for providing ignition to the engine. All the complex calculations for maintaining the correct air-fuel ratio are also conducted by the bike’s fuel system. 

These calculations include the appropriate engine speed, throttle position, and engine temperature. A complex set of sensors and electronic components form part of the overall fuel system of your motorcycle. This system is responsible for maintaining the most efficient combustion mode.


Our Fuel System Repair Services

We provide fuel system repair services for all brands and models of bikes.

Our expert technicians will improve the performance of your bike by repairing its fuel system thoroughly.

Motorcycle and ATV fuel system repair in Las Vegas is easy thanks to the professionals at Rocky Shop Racing.

Fuel Filter
The main function of the fuel filter is to prevent the entry of unwanted material into the fuel injectors. If the fuel filter stops working properly, your bike’s engine is at risk of damage. In case of a poor throttle or lack of response from your motorcycle’s engine, you must consider hiring our fuel system repair services.

Fuel Pump
The fuel pump performs the function of supplying fuel to the engine. In case of a faulty pump, your bike’s engine won’t receive enough fuel for running. 

If you notice a loud clicking noise from your vehicle’s engine, there are high chances that it is struggling to get fuel for its performance. Increased fuel consumption and sluggish acceleration are other problems that you might experience.

Fuel Injectors
The fuel injectors maintain the air-fuel ratio in your bike’s engine. With a faulty injector, you might experience rougher bike performance at speed, difficulty in igniting the engine while starting the vehicle, and a sudden rise in fuel consumption.

Book Our Fuel System Repair Services
On experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, you can book our fuel system repair services to prevent any further damage to your vehicle’s engine. 

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