Filter Change

The filters of your bike play a role similar to your nose i.e. filtering out the impurities in the air. All the unwanted particles in the air are filtered out by the bike’s filter system before this air enters the engine. 

With the entry of clean air into the engine, the bike performs efficiently with better combustion and smooth power delivery. 

If there are any problems with your motorcycle’s filter system, all the impurities will enter the bike’s engine and might lead to higher fuel consumption, emission of excessive smoke from the exhaust, incomplete combustion, and engine seizure. 

An efficiently working filter system is, therefore, essential for improving the life of your bike’s engine.


When Should You Consider Filter Change?

You can consider professional filter repair services if you are experiencing any issues related to the filter system of your bike including smoke emission and higher fuel consumption. 

It is recommended to change your motorcycle’s air filters every 5k to 6k miles or once a year. Regular filter repair services must be received in between this period. The frequency of services depends on your riding experience. 

If you often travel off-road or take your bike to dusty places, you shall be more frequent in getting your motorcycle’s filters repaired and replaced.

Our Filter Change Services

We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide filter change services throughout Las Vegas. You can book our services over a call and we’ll pick your bike for performing the filter change services. 

We have a team of expert technicians having years of experience in dealing with different brands and models of bikes. Our filter change services will benefit your bike in the following ways:

  • The overall performance of your motorcycle will improve with the newly installed filters.
  • You will notice a considerable improvement in your bike’s mileage.
  • The smoke emitted from your bike’s exhaust system will reduce. This will decrease the load from your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Book Our Filter Change Services

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