Engine Cooling System Maintenance

The engine of your bike is fitted with a cooling system to prevent it from overheating. Some models have oil-based while others have water-based coolants. 

Some of the older ones featured air rushing over the engine for cooling it down. Whatever bike model you have, our engine cooling system maintenance services will improve your motorcycle’s cooling system efficiency. 

Even if you are preparing your bike for a race, we can improve the performance of your vehicle. Our engine cooling system maintenance services will make your bike compliant with the track regulations and ensure your safety as well.


When Should You Consider Engine Cooling System Maintenance Services?

If you are experiencing constant overheating of your bike’s engine, there could be a need to replace your motorcycle’s coolant. It is, however, not recommended to wait for that long to get your cooling system examined.

As a rule of thumb, you shall consider receiving engine cooling system maintenance services every two years or 16,000 miles.

Our Engine Cooling System Maintenance Services
We provide cooling system maintenance services across Las Vegas. Our expert technician will examine your bike’s cooling system and determine the quality of your bike’s coolant. 

The deteriorated coolant is flushed away and distilled water is passed through the cooling system to clear away any sediments or residual coolant. This helps in ensuring a clean engine cooling system that will only carry fresh coolant now.

Once the flushing and cleaning are performed, the new coolant is introduced into the cooling system. The appropriate fluid-to-coolant ratio is achieved by our expert technician for the optimal performance of your bike.

Booking Our Engine Cooling System Maintenance Services
If you have been experiencing any issues with your bike’s engine or preparing your motorcycle for a race, we are here to service your bike’s engine cooling system. 

You can also opt for these services during your bike’s regular maintenance as our technician will only change the coolant if it will be deteriorated.

Consider getting your bike examined from our professionals. All our bike repair services can be booked at extremely affordable prices. Scheduling your appointment with us at (702) 222-9991.



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