Electrical Diagnostics

The electrical system of your motorcycle makes it run on the road. Even a minor defect in your bike’s electrical system will compromise your safety and comfort. 

It is always better to detect an electrical problem at the very first stage as further damage can be powerful enough to impact all the components of your bike. You must consider electrical diagnostics for your motorcycle on facing issues with your vehicle.


Importance of Professional Electrical Diagnostics

Though many electrical problems faced by your bike can be solved following a DIY route, sometimes things might become complicated.

Many new bike models feature intricate electrical wiring making things tougher for a layman. If you are not sure about dealing with your bike’s electrical system, you must consider hiring our electrical diagnostic services.

It will solve all the problems faced by your bike and improve its performance. Don’t forget that your safety is at stake when you delay the repair of your bike’s electrical system. If you ever have any doubts, call us instantly for scheduling an appointment.

Our Electrical Diagnostic Services

Our expert technicians will examine your bike’s electrical system thoroughly to detect the origin of the problem. Electrical Diagnostics cover the following aspects:

Since your bike’s battery is the source of all power, we begin testing it first. The functioning of all the battery cells is examined and necessary repairs are performed.

Ground Wires
Our professionals examine all the ground wires of your bike and repair the faulty ones if any. This helps the electrical components work efficiently.

The regulator performs the function of delivering voltage within certain limits to your bike’s battery. We examine and repair your motorcycle’s regulator to prevent any damage to the battery with an uncontrolled voltage supply.

The rectifier helps in the conversion of AC power into DC power for charging the battery. Our technicians carry out the necessary repairs to the rectifier for efficient battery charging.

The main fuse, stator, and coils are also examined for any defects. Our electrical diagnostics will leave your bike in excellent condition. Call us today at (702) 222-9991 for booking our repair services.




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