CV Axles

CV Axles or Constant Velocity Axles play a vital role in keeping your bike wheels attached to the vehicle. As the name suggests, they maintain a constant velocity of the wheels when the bike is running. 

With time and constant use, they will wear out like all other components of your bike. You will be required to repair or replace your motorcycle’s CV axles when they stop working properly.


When should you consider repair or replacement of your bike’s CV Axles?

You must know the issues you will be facing with the improper functioning of your bike’s CV axles.

This will help you consider repair or replacement of CV axles from an expert.

Clicking noise
If you are hearing a loud clicking noise when turning your bike, chances are that your CV axles have gone bad. The joints loosen when the CV axles deteriorate making them produce a clicking sound.

You will hear louder noise during sharp turns on the side of the faulty shaft.

Increased vibration
When your bike’s CV axle deteriorates, you will experience excessive vibration while driving. These vibrations might increase with an increase in your motorcycle’s speed. This makes your ride uncomfortable and interferes with efficient bike handling.

The vehicle might also become off-balanced while turning and make the ride riskier. Such vibrations require a replacement of your bike’s CV axles as the damage is paramount.

Our CV Axles Repair and Replacement Services
We provide axle repair and replacement services for all brands and models of motorcycles. Our technicians have experience in dealing with different bikes and they can prepare your bike for your next ride.

You will notice a considerable improvement in comfort and safety after receiving our CV axle repair and replacement services.

We also provide axle replacement services for converting your bike’s wheels from one axle size to another. We use original company manufactured components in all our services as we believe in delivering superior quality results. We offer competitive rates for all your repair needs in Las Vegas. 

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