Coolant Flush and Fill

Motorcycle coolant plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle’s engine cool. It transfers the heat generated in the engine block to a radiator from where it is released into the atmosphere. This helps in keeping the bike’s engine temperature within a safe range.

This cooling process is important for both safety and keeping your bike’s performance up-to-date. Like all other components of the bike, you will be required to replace the coolant liquid when its quality deteriorates and it no longer serves its basic purpose.


When should you consider the coolant flush and fill service?

With time and regular use, the performance of your bike’s coolant deteriorates. This might happen due to an alteration in the fluid-to-coolant ratio when regular top-ups are performed.

Alternatively, aluminum corrosion build-up might also hamper the coolant’s performance.


Though some special ingredients form part of the coolants that help to keep the liquid alkaline, the effectiveness of these ingredients is lost over time. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the coolant replacement services after every two years not considering the mileage.

You can, however, opt for an earlier replacement for your bike’s coolant if you are doubtful about the incorrect fluid-to-coolant ratio in your vehicle

What happens if the bike coolant is not replaced on time?

You might face certain issues if you delay the replacement of coolant on your motorcycle. Here are some possibilities:

  • Since the coolant won’t be able to cool off the bike’s engine, some damage might be experienced by the engine due to extreme heat.
  • Your motorcycle might stop unexpectedly due to automatic shut off. The immense heat generated by the engine provides a signal to the temperature sensor in the modern bikes that will shut the engine automatically.
  • If your bike is not equipped with a temperature sensor, overheating might break the cylinders or blow the gasket.

Our Coolant Flush and Fill Services

Our expert technician can quickly determine the quality of your bike’s coolant by examining your vehicle. The deteriorated coolant will be flushed away and the new coolant will be filled immediately.

Our professionals will bring back the correct fluid-to-coolant ratio for the optimal performance of your bike.



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