Complete Engine Rebuild

Just like many other machines, your bike is powered by an engine. Since the engine is continually used when the bike is on the run, it deteriorates pretty quickly.

You will have to consider an engine repair or a complete engine rebuild depending on the condition of your motorcycle’s engine. We provide complete engine rebuild services at affordable rates to improve the performance of your bike.


Our Complete Engine Rebuild Services

Since the engine is the main component of your bike that keeps it running, you must get it examined when you experience a reduction in the efficiency or performance of your motorcycle.

We provide comprehensive engine rebuilding services for all brands and models of motorcycles. Our expert technicians have years of experience in repairing and refinishing a wide variety of bike engines.

For properly carrying out the engine rebuilding service, we disassemble the bike components carefully. We treat your motorcycle like our own and handle it with due care.

Cleaning and refinishing
After carefully taking out your bike’s engine, our technicians will perform cleaning on the parts that have collected dirt and grime. We generally use vapor blasting for cleaning alloys and ultrasonic cleaner for small components like nuts and springs.

The professionals will throw away the parts that cannot be used anymore because of their damaged condition. Additionally, chrome plating will be carried out on certain engine parts.

Inspection and repair
Once cleaning and refinishing are performed, it’s time to inspect all the components of the bike engine for repair. If any part of the engine is found defective, it is either repaired or replaced.

We, at Rocky Shop Racing, use only the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts as we do not believe in compromising the quality of our services.

Once the engine is inspected, cleaned, and repaired; we prepare your bike for reassembly. The engine is placed back at its place carefully and your bike gets ready to hit the road.

If you are experiencing any issues with your bike’s engine, get it checked from our expert technicians. They can guide you on whether the engine requires a complete rebuild or not. Get in touch with us at (702) 222-9991 today.



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