Chain and Sprocket Installation

The chain and sprockets of your motorcycle are essential to keep it running. The condition of these components determines the efficiency of your bike.

The chain of a motorcycle transfers the power generated by the engine to the rear wheel. On the other hand, sprockets help in the movement of bike tires. Maintaining both chain and sprockets of your motorbike is crucial for a comfortable ride.

With time and use, these components depreciate and harm the efficiency of power transmission. Though the time to change the chain and sprocket depends on the individual model, it is recommended to replace them after every 12,000 miles.


When should you consider the replacement of the chain and sprocket?

All bike chains stretch with time and use as they wear out. The motorcycles feature adjustment mechanisms for coping up with the slack.

After reaching the maximum adjustment point, you will be required to replace the chain with a new one.

Sprockets shall be replaced when they wear out. You can easily examine their wear and tear by looking at their teeth.

The top of the tooth in a new sprocket is always flat while that of a worn-out sprocket is sharp and pointed. It is recommended to replace the sprocket before it develops shark-like teeth else it might harm other bike components.

If either your motorcycle’s chain or a sprocket has deteriorated, you must replace them as a set. For instance, if you are considering replacing your bike’s chain as the sprockets seem to be functioning well, it is recommended to replace the sprockets along with the chain.

If you won’t be replacing the sprockets along with the chain, the life of the newly replaced chain will be greatly reduced. All the experienced technicians will always advise you to replace the chain and sprockets as a set for durability.

Our Chain and Sprocket Installation Services

We, at Rocky Shop Racing, provide affordable chain and sprocket installation services. You will notice a considerable improvement in your bike’s performance after receiving services from our expert technicians.

We can install chains and sprockets for all brands and models of motorcycles. You can book us over a call and we’ll pick your vehicle for repair.



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