Carburetor re-jetting and fuel setup

The engine of your bike requires an appropriate mixture of fuel and air for combustion. If there is a little deviation in the air-fuel ratio, your bike might not start at all. 

This crucial role of maintaining a proper air-fuel ratio is performed by your motorcycle’s carburetor. In other words, it provides combustion to your bike’s engine and helps it keep going.


Our Carburetor re-jetting and fuel setup services

Since the carburetor controls the air and fuel that enters your bike’s engine, it works non-stop while the bike is in use. This leads to several carburetor issues arising due to the wear and tear it faces. Our carburetor re-jetting and fuel setup services will make your bike run smoothly as its engine will receive the optimal mix of fuel and air.

We perform the following services to repair your bike’s carburetor:

Main carburetor jet adjustment
We adjust the main jets of the carburetor since they influence all the other adjustments as well. These main jets are responsible for the regulation of air-fuel mixture entering the vehicle’s engine. 

A quick examination of your bike’s spark plug by our expert technician can reveal any problems arising from the main carburetor jets. We will, then, perform the carburetor re-jetting if required.

Gas needle adjustment
The gas needle is responsible for controlling the air-fuel mixture from the same throttle position. A displacement in the positioning of the gas needle leads to an uncontrolled flow of air-fuel mix from the throttle. In such a case, your bike might face issues in receiving combustion. 

Our professionals can adjust the positioning of your bike’s gas needle for the smooth operation of your vehicle.

Screw adjustment
We tend to adjust the air and fuel screws of your bike’s carburetor. These stationary adjustments of the pilot jets are also essential for the efficient operation of the carburetor.

Booking our services
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