Brake Repair and Replacement

Keeping the brakes of your bike in an optimally running condition is important for your safety. Well-functioning brakes keep the control of your vehicle in your hands. Even a minor issue in the motorcycle’s brakes can lead to an unexpected mishappening.

Therefore, it is essential to get your bike’s brakes examined from an expert technician so that he can carry out brake repair and replacement if required.


Our brake repair and replacement services

We serve all the brake repair and replacement needs in Las Vegas. Our professionals have experience in dealing with a wide range of bikes including ATVs.

They can examine, repair, and replace the brakes of any bike, no matter which brand it belongs to. Our brake repair and replacement services include:

Brake fluid
The deteriorated brake fluid might pose serious problems to your vehicle. It can damage a major component of your motorcycle costing you a lot of money. We examine the quality of brake fluid and replace it if it has deteriorated over time. This helps your bike’s brakes to work smoothly and efficiently.

Brake shoe springs
A defect in brake shoe retracting springs might lead to bigger functionality issues on your bike. The most common problem arising from the defective brake springs is brake dragging. It is a situation when the brakes remain in the applied state even when it is not intended. We repair or replace the defective springs for a smoother operation.

Brake adjustment
Problems in brake adjustment might lead to ringing noise originating from your motorcycle’s brakes. Our technicians correct the wrong brake adjustment to get rid of the unwanted sounds radiated by the brakes.

Considering brake repair and replacement services
You need to know the situations when you shall consider professional brake repair and replacement services:

  • When your vehicle’s brakes, on the prolonged application, fail to hold on the wheels.
  • On experiencing brake overheating.
  • When brakes remain in the applied state even when not intended.
  • On noticing unwanted sounds from the brake.
  • When brake fuel leaks.

For solving any of the above problems, book our brake repair and replacement services now. You can book us over a call and we’ll pick your vehicle for repair.



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