ATV Repair

Riding an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) during our weekends is what we riders look for. The fun and excitement of riding an ATV are unmatchable for the variety of terrains it offers us to explore. Along with that, ATVs are also helpful in carrying out a wide range of tasks including the fixing of fences, surveying your lawn, and more. 

For whatever purpose the ATV is used, you need to get it serviced regularly for its optimal performance. As a rule of thumb, an ATV repair must be conducted after every 100 hours of operation or once a year, whichever is earlier. Regular servicing and repair will increase your ATV’s life considerably.



Our ATV repair services

We have repair technicians having years of experience in servicing and repairing ATVs. We are expert in handling all brands including Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Bombardier, and more. 

You can bring us any brand of ATV for servicing and repair and leave with a shining new-like vehicle. Our ATV repair services include:

  • Fault diagnosis
  • Puncture repairs
  • Brake replacements
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Changing the coolants
  • Replacement of air filters
  • Fuel injection tuning
  • Electrical repairs
  • Carburetor tuning
  • Changing of brake fluid
  • Replacement of fuel filters
  • Welding
  • Changing of transmission oil
  • Suspension tuning and repairs
  • Restoration
  • Changing of final drive oils
  • Old spark plug replacement
  • Wheel repairs
  • Engine oil replacement and tune-ups

Additionally, you can bring your ATV for the repair of any worn-out or damaged part and we will deliver you a fully-functional vehicle for getting back home.

Why choose us?

We are passionate about our work and have been rendering ATV repair services for years. We treat every vehicle as our own and make our best efforts to turn it into new. We aim to bring your ATV back to work powerfully like earlier.

We have all the equipment and purpose-built workshop to carry out the ATV repair works. Along with the excellent quality of service, we offer you competitive rates for all your repair needs in Las Vegas. For scheduling your appointment with Rocky Shop Racing, call us at (702) 222-9991.



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